Me and my baby.

If you want to know what qualifies me to write an entire blog on mistakes you’ve come to the right page.

Here is a summary of my qualifications.

I am currently a mother of one toddler (the girl kind), a dog-owner (the 75 pound black lab kind), a renter, an entrepreneur, a Master of American History (true, ask NYU), a blogger, a foodie, 33 pounds overweight, a nail-biter, an impulse book buyer, a drinker of wine, a person who can run 1 mile in 10:49 (I can hear you scoffing, that’s a good time for me UPDATE: I can now run a 10:03 mile…I still hear you snickering but I’m only 5’1″ and  honestly have stumps for legs so this is really a major accomplishment.), a piler of papers, a maker of lists, an undecided political participant (democrat leaning towards libertarian).

I used to be a grad student, employed, a documentary film editor/producer, a world traveler, a bad girlfriend, a good girlfriend, a cocktail waitress, an English teacher in Hungary, a gas station attendant, a horse wrangler, a more avid reader, an impulse buyer of shoes, a liberal democrat to the core.

I aspire to be better read, better traveled, better informed, fluent in more than one language.

References available upon request.

Enjoy the blog and share your mistakes!

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