Two Tones To Love

Posted on July 11, 2012


Emily Henderson, stylist extraordinaire.

OMG. I checked out Emily Henderson’s blog. She hosts Secrets From a Stylist on HGTV. I love her style, I love her sensibility, I love her design diagnostic.

I did not know she was/is a Mormon. Her blog is pretty fascinating…although riddled with grammatical errors and typ-o’s. Tsk, tsk, Emily. I expected better of you and I’m surprised HGTV doesn’t have an editor or somebody to help you out with that.

Anyhoo, the really neat thing I found there is this.


my future guest bedroom

My future guest bedroom.

I want to own a house again so I can play around with paint and furniture and light fixtures and all that fun stuff.

I do love renting, really, but the temporary-ness is kind of a drag.

This room though, it gives me motivation to figure out where I want to get permanent just so I can paint a two-tone room and hang some antlers! Zowie! Thanks, Emily!

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