Building My Own Pirate Ship

Posted on June 21, 2012


I’m a podcast junkie. I probably clock about 3 hours a day listening to talk shows, comedians and other nonsense via my iPod Nano.

The Adam Carolla Show (podcast)

The Adam Carolla Show (podcast) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorites is The Adam Carolla Show. Mr. Carolla is crass, arrogant, judgmental and I love him. His logic is irrefutable if you don’t think about it too long and his working man’s wisdom pours out of him so prolifically that I think he must border on the genius. One of his snippets of sensibility that resonates with me is the idea of building your own pirate ship.

If you want to be independent and do things your way you have to build your own pirate ship and find a crew to help you keep it afloat.

Carolla knew early on he had something to offer the world of entertainment but quickly assessed that if you aren’t the standard “type” Hollywood probably isn’t going to buy what you’re selling. The only way he’d succeed in the entertainment game was if he supplied his own bat and balls [insert your own irreverent, crass joke here].

It turns out I’ve been building a pirate ship, too and I didn’t even know it. Part of my map-less adventure involves becoming an entrepreneur with the goal of independence, being my own boss and most importantly, pursuing projects that interest me. Maybe you’re building a pirate ship, too? If so, ahoy, matey! Welcome aboard!

My favorite podcasts (in alphabetical order because I couldn’t bear to rate them):

1. The Adam Carolla Show

2. Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend
Maybe you already know that Alison Rosen is the “news girl” on The Adam Carolla Show. But did you know she wants to be your new best friend? She can throw crass comments out like the best of them but underneath her tough layer she is a neurotic, sometimes silly, pondering girl that I want to hang out with in a East Village dive bar. Her show is an interview format that features comedians and other entertainment folks. Conversations tend to focus on relationships and bodily functions.

3. The Backstory
Three historian guys take current events and give a historical spin. Don’t get freaked out that it’s history! They do it in a conversational way that is akin to Radio Lab. It’s fascinating and immensely digestible.

4. Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh the hilarity! This show, hosted by Scott Auckerman (aka Hot Saucerman), is an interview format with comedians, actors and musicians. Because of their open-door policy many “characters” drop in. This show is downright silliness. If you have a tendency to take yourself too seriously I beg of you to listen to this podcast and get over yourself!

5. Doug Loves Movies
Hosted by comedian Doug Benson, this show features a panel of 3-4 comedians and actors where they discuss movie stuff. It’s fun, goofy and every once in awhile you get juicy info about Hollywood behind the scenes.

6. The /Filmcast
Film reviews and analysis.

7. Firewall & Iceberg
TV reviews and analysis.

8. Overthinking It Podcast
Okay, be warned, these guys are so pretentious it almost seems like a joke BUT they are fascinating. Example, in a recent review and discussion of Prometheus (the new Ridley Scott film) they broke into a lengthy tangent on the philosopher Derrida’s theory of linguistics. I love this podcast because I get to hear great conversation about pop culture from a perspective I don’t get to access in my own life.

9. The Paranormal Podcast
Jim Harold talks to experts about various paranormal topics. Do-dee-doo-doo. Love it.

10. WTF with Marc Maron
Neurotic, morose and highly inquisitive comedian Marc Maron interviews celebrities, mainly comedians. He is one of the best interviewers around – definitely up there with Bob Costas, Barbara Walters, and Oprah. He’s honest, direct and so damn funny!

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