Damn you, Property Bros.

Posted on June 12, 2012


This is remedial mistake making. I really ought to know better.

I had a plan to be uber-productive yesterday and I was well on my way to accomplishing mighty tasks until lunch rolled around. That’s when the Property Brothers got me. If you aren’t familiar, the Property Brothers are on HGTV and they are real live brothers. They’re Canadian, I think and they are really tall. One’s a realtor who LOVES a negotiating challenge and the other is a contractor who LOVES a renovation challenge. Together they form a superhero team that can convince couples to buy crappy houses and completely renovate them into dream homes. I want to marry them both. And then I want them to find and renovate a house for me. Not necessarily in that order.

There are still more episodes left. And don’t even get me started on Income Property. So good!

Anyhoo, one episode of Property Bros (that’s what I like to call them) is sometimes 30 minutes and sometimes an hour (I think they changed format somewhere along the way). In any case, in DVR time it takes less than 25 minutes for me to watch an episode. Totally appropriate lunch break time, right? Not when you watch a mini-marathon. I’m not sure how much time I actually clocked on the couch, remote in hand, watching this show today but my productivity plan was shot.

I have a friend who wants to write a book about how you can accomplish anything if you plan in 15 minute increments. I suppose I proved the antithesis to that. Little bits of time are easy to give away and cumulatively those little bits can add up to an article, an outline for a project, a load of laundry, a workout and so much more.

Lesson learned. Time is valuable…even little bitty chunks of it. I gave mine up to the Property Bros and I’ll probably do it again. My plan for the day was thwarted. In the future I am going to build in a “veg out” buffer that is for 15 minutes of whatever…flipping through a magazine, staring into space, idly roaming Pinterest, taping up posters of the Property Brothers in my office. Kind of like recess but without the swing-set.

NOTE: I just checked out the HGTV site to stalk find out more information about Drew and Johnathon (Property Bros.). Johnathan is an illusionist in addition to being a contractor. Shut up! And Drew produces and directs. Double-double whammy.